When should I look for an accountant if I want to start a new business in Orlando?

Orlando Accounting For New Businesses

When do I need an Orlando accountant to help set up my new business?

Starting a business can be tricky and difficult if they are started incorrectly. Gene O’Baker discusses how they can help anyone interested in starting a new business. For more information on how to start a new business, an experienced Orlando accountant at O’Baker & Co. can help — call today for a free consultation.

“Right immediately after they think to themselves that they want to start a business, that’s when they should start talking to me. I just had a client call here a few minutes ago, and he’s getting ready to start a business here in Florida, and he got our website, and he wants to come talk to be about setting it up. I’m going to assist him in doing that. He’s trying to look at the options and considerations. He’s from New York and he’s been looking to what these options are and how he’s going to handle different things.

We’ll have a couple of conference calls where we just go through all the different options before he even comes to Florida. When he comes here, he’s going to hit the ground running. He’s not going to be running around looking for an accountant, running around worrying about what taxes he has to pay, what license he has to buy. All those things, we’ll have that already going for him. We’ll probably take care of mailing most of the stuff in, and he just provides us the money and the checks or whatever to pay the different fees he has to pay, and we’ll make sure he’s covered.”