When Should I Seek An Experienced Orlando Accountant?

Do I Need An Accountant?

When Should I Seek An Experienced Maitland Accountant?

Gene O’Baker from O’Baker & Co. explains what you should do if you find yourself needing help from an experienced Orlando accountant. If you or someone you know has found themselves in trouble and needs more information or assistance please call 407-339-1210 or visit obaker.net for a free consultation.

“As soon as you identify you’re in trouble, you need to get help. The longer you wait, the worse it gets. Once you bring the documents to me and we review them, we can tell you what the best strategy to pursue, to get you out the hole, get you from behind the power curve and get you on track at minimum effort on your part. We do all of the strategizing. We make sure that everything’s brought up to speed and the next thing you know, you don’t have any problems anymore, but sometimes, it takes a while.

I just got a client the other day that’s behind four years in taxes, and it’s a mess. He’s had some tax returns prepared by professionals that were wrong. They were misprepared, and now that all has to be corrected, and it’ll take us a month to get it all corrected and up to date, and he’ll be back on top, but right now, he’s got the IRS on him. He’s got the Florida Department of Revenue on him. He’s got Seminole County after him.

He’s in trouble all over the place. He didn’t know about a lot of the stuff he was doing, and he started getting notices and he didn’t know what to do about them, and he asked for some help and he didn’t get much help from his last person, but we’re now digging him out of that hole and we’re getting everything done for him, and it’s easy for us to do that, it’s very easy. We can correct all of the mistakes of the past and make sure you’re on track for the future.”