Accounting And Tax Preparation Services In Maitland-Orlando

Accounting Services In Orlando

How can an Orlando accountant help me?

Gene O’Baker from O’Baker & Co. discusses how, as an accountant, he can help clients with their financial questions and needs. O’Baker & Co. offers accounting and tax preparation services in Maitland and Orlando.

“We can do all of your accounting and tax services. We do all aspects of accounting to include financial statements, tax returns, payroll services, investment advisory. We even strategize your payments. We can program and strategize your whole process and periodically upgrade or update your processes as the dynamics of the business changes. We can do other services, too, but just specifically those two areas. We do monthly financial statements. We do quarterly financial statements.

Some clients are real small. They don’t really work from their financials, and they’ll need yearly service. We do that, too. Most people that have a monthly service get a monthly financial statement, and I’ll help them learn to review that financial statement. If they do that, whenever they’re making business decisions, in the back of their mind, that financial statement they’ve reviewed will influence the decision-making process, and result of that is they make more informed decisions and the probability of success goes up.”