O’Baker and Co. Overview | Video Transcription


O’Baker and Co Overview – Video Transcription

“Being where I’ve been, and those experiences in the military, was pretty much on the edge all the time. I flew the fastest fighters, in the most intense environments. And very exciting, but you’re on the edge. And I think I can give an accounting and tax class.

That attitude, and experience, and help that client make better decisions. We are a full service tax and accounting firm. We do accounting for small businesses, and taxes and accounting for those businesses, and individuals.

We work with a wide range of clients. Anywhere from gas stations and car dealerships, we have medical offices, legal offices, restaurants. We’ve done film industry work, a lot of small business startups with the construction industry. We try to help a client, depending on what their nature and what they need help with, we handle their financial statements, review their payroll taxes, their sales tax, and file those for them.

We’ve been in business for 25 years.

I think that people do you have a lot of fear of coming to accountants, because they think that they have to have everything done. And they don’t.

The reason people should go to an accountant first, it will be cost productive. You’ll end up money ahead by doing that. Most people are reluctant to spend any more money than they have to, because it’s going to cost a lot of money. But there’s obstacles that you can avoid if you go to the accountant first.

And we try to provide a service where it makes as easy on them as possible. A lot of times they’re going to say, oh, I need to get this work to you, but I don’t have it finished. And my answer is, put it in a shoebox and bring it to us, if that’s what you need to do. Because I can take that information and pull out what I need. We’re here to provide that accounting service. And you don’t have to have a finished product to bring to us. We want to guide you and help you.

The advantages to coming to us versus a larger accounting firm, or one of those other tax preparation services, is that we’re going to look at you as an individual and as a person. And we structure our relationship based on your needs, and not just production line, where everything’s the same, and everybody’s treated the same.

First consultation is free. If I sit down within a new client I find out what he knows about what he’s doing, whether he’s had experience with accountants before, or not. If he hasn’t, then I start explaining to him what the benefits are of the financial statements, and how it can help you in running the business.

We try to set up strategies for everybody. Strategies in all your tax paying, all your filing of your returns. And we will do as much of that work for you as you want us to do. That we will do it all if you allow us to.

I think clients are most surprised and comfortable as that. We are like their family. We love to know about you on a personal level, not just on a business level.”